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Clarion Security is the new face of the security officer industry.  We believe that the local and national providers have been slow to implement necessary upgrades that are critical to a changing world. The innovations that are ever present at Clarion Security are at the core of why we are continuing to grow at a strong pace. We treat our officers better, screen them harder, equip them with cutting-edge tools, provide more thorough training, and have eco-friendly vehicles. We are also certified nationally as a Women-Owned business.

As criminal  continue to ramp up in level of sophistication, it is incumbent upon the security companies to tailor a product at a higher level of sophistication.  The security business is evolving and changing into a more complex service business, and Clarion Security is poised to fill this need in the marketplace.

There are two dynamics in the business right now.  There are the large, national security companies that are impersonal and bureaucratic, and there are local and regional operators that have not refined the level of training required to adequately service their customers.  Clarion Security sees the gaps in the marketplace and seeks to find a new place of favor with both clients and employees.

A group of experienced individuals within the security business have come together to create an innovative, fresh approach to this business. Because the security business is labor-intensive, our image in the marketplace begins with our security officers.  Clarion Security seeks to empower its employees by providing training and targeted benefits to help these workers achieve financial support, value and stability from their employer.  This in turn will benefit our clients, as our employees seek to retain their positions and are rewarded for their service and professionalism.

Combining improvements in personnel quality with more sophisticated surveillance products uniquely places Clarion Security in a place of competitive strength.  There is no adequate replacement for a physical security officer for security purposes. However, there are ways to enhance that individual’s effectiveness with a myriad of technological and strategic tactics.  Strengthening the skills and training of the security officers and combining the latest technological advances are our niche and strategic positioning in the market.

Clarion Security’s core values are the following:

  • Client-focused
  • Employee-oriented
  • Environmentally friendly

Our secret to success is innovation, compassion, and both listening and responding to customer needs and expectations. The technology that Clarion Security employs is revolutionary and not duplicated in the market. The dedication to the employees has cultivated a loyal, passionate employment base, dropping turnover rates and contributing to superior service. The client testimonials of our product are extraordinary and we dedicate ourselves to never letting up in our relentless pursuit of our success strategy.


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