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9635 Maroon Circle Suite 350 Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 303-790-1602
Phone: 866-819-4650



Clicks and Clients was founded in 2003 when Paul Rakovich set up an online business in his garage. Within six months, the e-commerce site he set up to sell Tony Robbins CDs and DVDs was generating over $50,000/month in sales–all from paid search ads.

The skills and expertise gained in running his own online business set the foundation for Clicks and Clients. With a focus on performance-based marketing and ROI, Paul helps small- and medium-sized businesses harness the power of online marketing to get leads and grow sales. Clicks and Clients specializes is online marketing for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, law firms, apparel companies, professional writers and advises other internet marketing agencies on performance-based marketing.

Paul’s thought leadership highlights his PPC expertise – he’s published white papers, blogs and articles for DuctTape Marketing, and his own blog at

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