Equitable Commercial Realty Customer Care Details



ECR’s culture and platform are designed to provide our clients with the hard work, tenacity and focus they deserve for their commercial real estate needs. We strongly believe that to accomplish great things we must work together as a solid team and provide unsurpassed effort. This is embedded in our mindset at ECR every day as we strive to accomplish our goal to “exceed your expectations”.


 ECR was formed to build a place where our professionals are able to provide the focus, hard work and attention our clients deserve to meet their goals, while providing a structure for ECR’s professionals to reach their goals.  ECR’s unique business model offering favorable commissions splits, profit share, and effective support allows just this, ensuring our focus stays were it needs to be – on you, our client.  To see examples of how ECR has helped our clients’ achieve their objectives please visit our testimonials page and online reviews.