MyDealerLot Customer Care Details


30 Mansell Court – Suite 220
Roswell, GA  30076
Phone: 888-MDL-RFID (888-635-7343)
Fax: 925-888-1935


As Founder & CEO of MyDealerLot™ (MDL), I can tell you that we started with a basic vision in mind: Utilize RFID technologies as the DNA behind building automotive specific applications designed to provide an enhanced customer experience through personalized attention, create new sales touch points between sales / service, and track key operational processes. Our automotive industry “specialists” understand your unique challenges.

We also believe strongly in the value of partnerships, and have partnered with the best providers in the industry. And with our proprietary web-based MDL software and engineered turn-key solutions, you get a company that covers the entire spectrum of product and services for using RFID technology across numerous areas within the retail dealership.

Finally, we encourage you to contact us to arrange a visit of one of our working deployments and speak to our customers.

You will see and hear first-hand the value proposition our solutions provide and what it is like to work with a partner that truly values its clients and is dedicated to outstanding customer service.

You have my personal commitment to continued excellence, innovation, and a winning team dedicated to seeing you succeed with our solutions.

It’s up to you now to take the “technological leap forward” in client personalization and process management using MDL RFID technologies.

Contact us today and let us show you how MDL can enable numerous benefits across your entire organization.

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