PhishLabs Customer Care Details


PO Box 20877
Charleston, SC 29413


Corporate: +1.877.227.0790 Toll-free or +1.843.628.3368
Security Operations: +1.202.386.6001


We fight back against the exploitation of people.

PhishLabs provides 24/7 services that help organizations protect against the cyberattacks targeting their employees and their customers.

Top organizations worldwide, including 4 of the 5 largest U.S. financial institutions, trust PhishLabs to fight back against cyberattacks targeting their employees and their customers. Using a powerful combination of proprietary technology, specialized security operations, and deep threat intelligence, we detect threats early in the attack process and take rapid action to mitigate attacks before damage is done. In doing so, we reduce the risk of compromised systems, data breaches, and online fraud.

The vast majority of cyberattacks start by targeting and exploiting people. Why? Because every organization has people, and those people are vulnerable. Unlike technology, people cannot be patched to remove their vulnerability.

PhishLabs was founded in 2008 to fight back against attacks that exploit people. We believe that to stop these attacks, aggressive action must be taken to disrupt the infrastructure and operations that support them. We provide a full range of services to detect these attacks 24/7, extract intelligence on the attack operations, and quickly mitigate the underlying infrastructure to stop the threat.

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